Water is life, we’re told. But what if you drink too much? As it turns out, there’s a little-discussed flipside to dehydration called hyponatremia—and it's been on the rise, killing athletes and otherwise healthy people every year. And while you may think you know how much you need to drink, chances are you're wrong.

Jump - A soldier recalls his first jump out of an airplane. (This piece won 2nd overall at KCRW's 24 Hour Radio Race in 2017)

Treed by a Jaguar - In the summer of 1970, Ed Welch and Bruce Frey put in a canoe at the headwaters of the Amazon and shoved off into the current. Their only plan was to travel downstream until it wasn’t fun anymore. They had a rifle, they had a machete, they had a vague idea of how to survive in the jungle. Then a jaguar chased both of them up a tree.

Whatever Happens, Happens - Phil Broscovak witnessed one of the most famous accidents in wingsuit history. In this short, he describes what he saw—and why he’ll never forget it. This piece was produced for Outside Magazine's The Science of Survival.

We The Rats - When Alex Ward was in college, he lived in a co-op with a bunch of other idealistic kids, trying to build the kind of world they wanted to live in. Then, the rats showed up -- and ripped that idealism to shreds with their sharp yellow teeth.

Hurling In Youth Prisons - What happens when you take Ireland's national sport into an Oregon youth prison? This piece originally aired on WBUR's Only a Game.

Who Brings the Heat? - When her car heater breaks, June must find a way to keep her hot dish hot on the way to the potluck. This mockumentary was produced for Third Coast's ShortDoc competition.

Sue Ann - Born with cerebral palsy and Down's syndrome and raised in an abusive foster home, Sue Ann decides to find her real mother. 

12 Days to Curtain - Every summer the Young People's Theater Project takes a group of 6th-12th graders into the Oregon wilderness to produce an entire musical from scratch in just 12 days. Told through the lens of a last-year camper and a newcomer, this piece tells the story of making Tarzan: The Musical on location at Camp Caldera.

Viral Proposal - Isaac Lamb's proposal to his girlfriend became a national sensation after the video of the spectacle went viral just days after it happened. Isaac recounts how it all went down and explains why certain things go viral.